Foundation for Cultural Transformation

“Re-establishing societies on eternal foundations”


FCT believes God’s greatest glory is when his creation knows what His will is and then does it.  Not everyone can know everything, or is even interested in everything.  But everyone has gifts and talents, or has a special interest in some area.  We have two invitations for increasing your knowledge or learning, and two encouragements geared towards you doing what you have come to know. 

Our first invitation is for you to Explore the seven areas of culture and find which one matches your interest or calling.  Secondly, we invite you to Learn what the bible has to say about that area, and what others have said in support of that viewpoint.  Third, we encourage you to Join with others  of similar interest.  No man is an island and there is strength in numbers.  Lastly we encourage you to Do something with what you have learned.  Working within legal and ethical frameworks, what can be done to influence the general public and public policy towards biblical truths?  How may the God of the bible be the Lord of all through your combined efforts? 

For the exploring and learning component, go to our Culturepedia page to see our initiative aimed at education.  For joining and doing, go to our Freedom page to see our action initiative.

Explore the seven cultural spheres to find your greatest interest.

Learn what eternal values are to be embodied in it.

Join others who have that same sphere as an interest.

Do implement policies and actions that make those values reality.


An overview of what we are about-